Getting Comfortable in Atlanta


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Images By: Taylor S. Hunter @GoldenTimeTay

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since moving to Atlanta and six weeks since Bryce made his debut. To say I have had a busy past month would be an understatement. But I am glad that the family and I are finally getting settled.


When we decided to move from Baltimore, I knew I wanted to start fresh and get new furniture items. A new mattress was the FIRST item that I wanted asap. Moving is already hard but moving with a newborn is on another level! I haven’t had decent sleep in months; partly because I was pregnant, but also because I was sleeping on a ten-year-old mattress. It was time for an upgrade, my body was yearning for it.


 We visited our local Mattress Firm in Atlanta. I love that Mattress Firm has convenient locations – I found a Mattress Firm location about five minutes from my house! We all know that pregnancy can be hard on us moms, so I really wanted a mattress that would help me relax and get much needed rest (when I can). When we visited the store, the Mattress Firm sales associate quickly educated us on the different mattress options from soft, medium to firm. Mattress Firm has a wide variety of products from pillows to bedding. So, you are definitely guaranteed to find something that will give you the most comfortable night’s rest.

FINDING- the-perfect-mattress-at-mattress-firm.jpg

My husband and I spent almost an hour in the store trying out each bed. We both had different opinions on what we thought was comfortable. I am a more medium support kind of girl whereas he likes a bed that is extremely soft. Mattress Firm had so many options for us to choose from and all within a great price. We ultimately found a bed that matched both of our needs! We went with the Sleepy’s Reserve Pillow Top Mattress. This mattress is everything my body needed – it is soft but gives great support.

 Now I can’t keep the kids off of my bed, which I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing haha.

I would definitely recommend that my mom’s out there (especially my new mommas) look into getting a new mattress at Mattress Firm. This can make a huge difference in getting you the comfort and rest you deserve. We already have to go through the next few months working on minimal hours of sleep, so why not get the most out of those hours with maximum comfort! I can honestly say I am sleeping like a baby with the three hours of sleep I am getting (shout out to Baby Bryce) hahaha!


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