On our second Day at Disney, we had the opportunity to explore Disney Hollywood studios! This is one of my favorite parks because this is where you will spot all of your favorite characters! We first started the day by touring the Disney Baby Care centers. This is a God-send for moms! The Baby Center is located in all four theme parks and it provides a convenient place to feed, change and nurse little ones.            

It is a full-service facility that consists of:
• Private nursing room with rocking chairs
• Changing room with tables and a unisex bathroom
• Feeding area with highchairs
• Kitchen with microwave, oven and sink
• Main room with television, table, chairs and sofa
• On-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and clothing for purchase

I am sharing this info because it is so important for us moms to know exactly where to go to tend to our babies and toddlers. I know my first two times I had no idea this center was available, so definitely take note and utilize it! It will make the trip so much smoother!

After the tour, we headed to Disney Junior Play n’ Dine Character Dining Experience. Aria and Skylar were hungry so this breakfast was perfect! They were both able to eat a good breakfast while meeting some of their favorite Disney Junior characters.

After breakfast, we were ready to dive into even more fun! We visited the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration”. This was our second time viewing this show, and I would definitely recommend it again and again! If your toddler loves Frozen, then they would love this show!

After the show the social media moms received an in-depth look at the new Toy Story Land!! I am so excited for this park- I need to come back just so I can visit this park because I know it will be epic!! Read more about the new park HERE.

After I met back up with the family, we ventured to the Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Club House show! If you are a mom, you definitely know the Mickey Mouse Club House song and I wasn’t afraid to sing every word with Skylar and Aria!! They enjoyed this show a ton!!

Our day at Disney Hollywood Studios was a blast!! This park is definitely one of the best for your toddlers, they will create so many memories and meet a number of characters that they will never forget!!

Tips for traveling to Disney Hollywood Studios
• Meet the characters: Like I mentioned before, this is the park where your toddlers will be able to see their favorite characters! Definitely allot some time for this and get tons of pics!! Don’t forget to bring your autograph book!


• Play Toy Story Mania game: Your child will LOVE this game!! It is so much fun for both parent and child. You will more than likely need a fast pass if you want to catch this one, but it is definitely worth it!


• Schedule Dining Time: I think this is important especially when traveling with toddlers. Scheduling a time for the group to sit down, relax and enjoy a nice meal will definitely be great for everyone. I like this over just the quick counter service food options.

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