#DaynasBOLDThirty in New York Fashion Week


I am officially 30!! I talked about what I am focusing on now that I am entering my thirties in my last blog post. One of the things I am focusing on is loving harder and spending more time sustaining and building my friendships. 

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When I turned 29, I knew that my 30th birthday celebrations would be AMAZING! Did you catch that- celebrations, with an  'S'. I knew that I wanted multiple celebrations, one with my family (which we have a cruise coming up next week) and one with my best friends! I decided, what better way to celebrate my 30th, than a Sex In The City moment in NYC during New York Fashion week! 

I am beyond blessed to have all of these amazing ladies in my life. Some of them I have known for 15 years and others I have met just last year, but no matter how long I have had a relationship with them; they all are INCREDIBLE friends. As we get older we learn, it is certainly not about the tenure of a friendship but the quality of it. I am so thankful that all of these women are great friends to me and I value them so much. 

This past weekend was the first weekend all of my friends met! It is always a funny situation when you have all of your best friends in one place- especially if they don't know each other personally. You worry, will everyone like each other? Will there be any petty beefs, or people judging the other? But honestly, there was none of that at all!! Everyone bonded and genuinely liked each other, which I knew they would. I pick my friends wisely! :)


I purposely didn't put every move we made on social media. I wanted to really be present with my friends and spend quality time with everyone. Our first night was probably my favorite because it was a girls' night in and we spent it eating pizza and playing the game "never have I ever" where everyone spilled all of their secrets!! 

I loved that everyone connected over lunch, dinner, drinks and fun times! My favorite moment of the trip is when they all surprised me with a compilation video from all of my family members, and close friends. In the video, everyone shared birthday wishes and beautiful words about me. It literally took me out the game for an hour because I was in tears the whole time. 



Overall, I know that my 30th year will be an amazing one and I am so thankful to have these ladies coming with me! 

Coat: ZARA |Turtleneck: ZARA | Fur: Forever 21 | Pants: ZARA | Boots: Just Fab
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