At 16, I specifically remember writing down my goals for where I would be by the time I turned 30. I wrote that I would be married with two kids, driving a Range Rover (my dream car) and a doctor!! Yes, a doctor. For some reason, I thought that being a doctor would mean that I was super successful and rich, boy has that “goals list” changed!! When I was between the ages of 16 up until about 24, 30 seemed like such the “real adult age”. The age that I gave myself a deadline to have everything done!! By 30, I wanted to be at a “boss level” at my job, own a home and traveling the world. I definitely have done a few of the things on the list, but not all- and that is ok. In my 20’s I have grown and I have learned and I have become the woman that I am today.


With 29 years under my belt, I definitely have some plans on how I want to make my next 30 years even better!! Here are some of my areas of focus heading into year 30.

Taking Care of ME
As you may know, I have started my fitness journey this year, and this means daily workouts and eating healthy. I have noticed as I get older- the weight actually sticks!! I remember I use to be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I wanted and not gain a pound. Now, I see that is no longer the case and I have to take better care of my body! I have to eat better and work out just to keep up my energy and obviously the appearance. Taking care of my body will hopefully help me live a long and healthy life!


BOSS UP- pushing past comfort zones
If this isn’t one of the biggest areas for me!! My thirties will be all about pushing myself. No more playing small (I learned this from Myleik)!! Bossing up is my theme for thirty; which is why I am in a tailored suit for my birthday shoot! I want my thirties to be all about making big moves, pushing myself and not limiting myself because of my fears and what others will think. I no longer can be afraid; afraid to live, afraid to soar and afraid to be me! I want to push myself to new levels in my business, get more aggressive with my goals and just simply BOSS UP with my brand. My brand is my baby. I am ready to take it to the next level for my 30th year and beyond- and you guys will see it!


Value my energy
I know in my twenties, I spent a lot of time (more time than I ever want to admit) worrying about meaningless relationships. Trying to have a high quantity number of friends and not high-quality friendships. I worried too much about what others thought of me and I drained a ton of my energy. I also did not spend enough time cultivating relationships that would make me better.  As I enter my thirties, my priorities have shifted, I have to run a multi-million-dollar brand (I am speaking that into existence), run my household and keep myself healthy. I no longer can waste energy on anything that is not giving off positive vibes. I am surrounding myself with things, people or places that will make me happy. If it doesn’t make me happy, I don’t want it! I have to protect my peace.


Love Harder
In my 30s I no longer want to take my relationships for granted. I have an amazing husband, great family members and awesome friends. I want to love harder in my 30s. I want to spend more quality time with the ones I love, and continue to make our relationship strong. I know I am SUPER CRAZY busy, but I know that taking relationships for granted and assuming that my loved ones will always be there is not the best thinking. So, I want to continue to love harder by always being there by calling or texting more, or just saying “I love you”. It is easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day and forget things, but I definitely want to get better. We literally get one life, and I would hate to leave this earth without the people close to me knowing exactly how much I love them.


I know that thirty will be an amazing year for me. I am so grateful and blessed to see another year. I am happy to be walking in my purpose with an amazing family, and friends by my side! Cheers to many more years to come!!

With Love, Passion & STYLE,