It has been over five years since I have straightened my hair!! Yes, FIVE YEARS!! I have no clue why I waited so long to get my hair straightened, but I was definitely overdue for a change! I ventured to Jacksonville, Florida to Salon PK to get my hair done for my 30th birthday! My stylist friend Pekela Riley has been doing my hair for the last two years, and at this point, she is the only person I really trust with my hair!

My hair had grown out of its taper quite a bit, and the color was on the verge of growing out as well. So I was ready for some more color!! 

IMG_3906 2.jpg

Pekela straightened my hair, cut it in a new funky taper and colored it with custom color. We wanted to keep my signature blonde, copper tones but she made them bolder!!

I am so in love with my final hair cut and style!! This is definitely something I want to get again! I certainly will not wait another 5 years, I am thinking at least once I year I get a straight style!! What do you think of the new look. 

Watch my full YouTube video review HERE