Why Having Good Nursing Gear will make breastfeeding Easier


This post is sponsored by Motherhood Maternity but all opinions are my own.

 A few weeks ago I shared my breastfeeding journey with you all, and I am happy to say that I made it to almost month three of breastfeeding Bryce. It has not been easy, but it is such a rewarding feeling knowing that I am nourishing my baby. I honestly feel like a walking milkmaid, but that’s ok.

I have come to practically live in my maternity gear. I have quickly learned that wearing proper nursing clothing is so important and will make your life easier when nursing. I remember when I was pregnant for the first time and I didn’t think I would need to invest in nursing bras and clothes, but I quickly learned that having these items are essential and here is why.

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 Nursing will be easier
Wearing nursing gear will definitely make nursing easier. Normal bras have all of the extra padding and do not  have the clip down cups. The clip down cups allows for you to nurse effortlessly. When you pair a good nursing bra with a good nursing top, you will be able to nurse seamlessly and discreetly.

They’re more comfortable
I love that nursing bras are breathable, and they’re not too structured so they allow for even engorged breast to sit comfortably. They also allow for your everchanging breasts. All breastfeeding moms know that you can go from a B cup to D cup within hours. Having a comfortable nursing bra with breathable fabric and good stretch will adjust with your changing body.


Picking the right nursing gear
I like to shop for my Nursing gear in-store or online at Motherhood Maternity. I visited their stores a few months ago and was able to get my sizes, so now it is easy for me to shop online and pick out all of the items I need, here are my favorite essentials that I believe all nursing moms will need in their closet.

 Comfortable Nursing Bra: I love the Full Busted Seamless Maternity Bra. This is easily my everyday bra! It is very comfortable and adjusts to my body. I like that I can wear it overnight as well. It is super soft and stretchy, you will live in this bra.

 Wireless Nursing Bra: This Motherhood Maternity Wireless Nursing bra is essential for when you need a little more structure for your blouses and dresses. I love this bra because even though it has more structure it still offers the clip down cup and soft material.

 Nursing Cami: The Motherhood Maternity Clip Down Nursing Camis are the perfect wear anywhere top. You can wear it in the house or wear it out. You can clip down the cami and easily nurse. They give you coverage and versatility.

 Nursing Tee’s
I love wearing Nursing Tees when I am out with Bryce. Unlike normal Tees, these zip down on the sides allowing for access for feeding! No more having to lift up your shirt.

 Those are my tops items you definitely will need as a nursing mom. Definitely check out your local Motherhood Maternity to shop in-store and get personalized assistance with fit and styles, or you can shop online and have access to a number of colors and styles!




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