When was the last time you had a facial? If you had to pause and think about that question, then this post is for you. When I posed this same questions to my IG stories family I had so many people tell me that they have never had a facial. My immediate response was: "YOU ARE MISSING OUT Honey"!! Facials are so important and has so many benefits on the health and wellness of our skin. People wonder why they do not have healthy skin, and it is because:
One, their regimen isn't the best and secondly, they do not get skin care checkups ie. facials!


When you take into considerations your regular wellness visits such as dentists, doctor visits, or even your bi-weekly mani/ pedi sessions, facials should definitely be on that list. I started getting facials about two years ago and I have not looked back! Facials have definitely helped the overall health of my skin and they are definitely in my skin care regimen. 

I had the opportunity to visit esthetician Regina of CRU-MM Skin and Beauty for the first time a few weeks ago and I must say, I had THE BEST FACIAL of my entire life. When I tell you, Regina went above and beyond-she really did. She took the time to educate me on my skin and also pamper me with an amazing fire and ice skin care treatment. I have heard so many things about the fire and ice treatment and I was so excited to get this treatment done. The fire and ice treatment is an intensive clinical facial that generates tingling heat with a chemical peel and a soothing mask to cool down. The facial resurfaces and softens the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging cellular renewal. After my fire and ice treatment, my skin was flawless! I literally never seen my skin look so good. It was glowing, it was bright and so perfect! I will definitely be back every 6-8 weeks for my facial! 

Now for the reason why you are here. Here are five reasons why YOU need to incorporate facials into your regimen today!

1. Your skin changes often
Our skin has very different needs based on the season or weather. Facials will help give your skin what it needs during the different seasons. For example, in the winter time my skin gets super dry, so a deeply hydrating facial can really help me out

2. Deep clean those pores
As much as I would love to think that I can get deep down into my pores with my skin care regimen, I just can't. So with facials, my esthetician is able to extract any black heads with ease so that they do not cause any damage to my skin. when you regularly get the dirt out of your pores, your skin will look better, breathe better, and in return, you will suffer less breakouts. A trained  esthetician is the perfect person to get the job done!

3. Soothing Massage
My favorite part of the facial experience was the massage! I love it so much. The esthetician will massage your face, neck, shoulders and in my case with Regina, she massaged my feet as well! Now, this is my first facial that I ever had my feet massaged and I was in heaven. Taking this moment to relax and just be stress fee is so perfect. Everyone needs this experience with their facial. 

4. Know your skin
I love that with every facial treatment I walk away learning and knowing more about my skin. Your esthetician will assess your skin using an intense light and super magnifier. By diagnosing common skin issues, she’ll better be able to advise you on what products you should be using for your skin type. For me, I had no idea my skin was dehydrated. Regina advised me that my skin soaked up the moisturizers she applied which means it was extremely thirsty. This taught me that I need to apply moisture often to keep my skin hydrated. Getting to know your skin is essential to building a healthy skincare regimen

5. Instant Results
A perfect facial should give your skin immediate results. For me, after my facial, it was absolutely CLEAR that I had a great experience. Like I stated earlier, my skin was nothing like I had seen before. It was glowing, it was bright, it was so perfect. I wish it could look like that every day, and I would NEVER wear makeup haha. But honestly, I told Regina that the next big campaign shoot I have or any major event I have, I definitely will be seeing her the day before. You should consider doing the same if you have any major events coming up! Your complexion will get a boost of radiance! 

So raise your hand if you are ready to get a facial after this!! I know I am ready for my next one. If you are in the DMV area, I would HIGHLY recommend you see Regina at CRU-MM Skin and Beauty. Trust me, the experience was like no other, and my skin thanked me tremendously for it!! I thank Regina so much for her attention to detail with my skin and I am so excited to finally have a steady esthetician!! 

Check out CRU-MM Skin and Beauty on Instagram at: @crummskinandbeauty and check out their Facebook page for booking details.

With Love, Passion & STYLE,