MARK MY WORDS- I will work with Claire Sulmers one day!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Claire Sulmers "Cocktails with Claire" event. This is my third time attending the event and fourth time meeting Claire! Let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we:

I may or may not be a Claire Sulmers stan, BUT I have to admit, I really love this woman. I love everything she stands for, her brand, how she built it, how smart she is, but most of all her spirit. She is literally everything I want to be when I get to her level. She is so genuine, so humble and so sweet. She literally stayed to the very end of her event and met, hugged and took pics with EVERYONE! I don't know one celebrity that would do this. As tired as she was, she still kept a smile on her face and took the time out for everyone, and THAT I can really appreciate. I know how exhausting it is to have to travel back to back and be on 10 at events to meet supporters. It takes a lot of energy, but she does it with style and grace. 

The panel of speakers that Claire put together was amazing. I always love hearing everyone's story. Ty Hunter was awesome and super funny! I love his advice and his encouragement towards following your goals. If this event comes to your area, you definitely have to attend!

Of course the most special part of the day was seeing Claire and the fact that she remembered me and called me out by name.  I must admit, I was so happy. She said "Dayna Bolden, hey girl" and I responded "OMG you remembered me" and she says "Of course I do, AND we feature you all of the time". Gosh, that was just a special moment for me. When you get to a point to where your idols know your name, it is really an amazing feeling. 

As for as my outfit details; I wore this super BOMB floral blazer from Zara, that I cannot get enough of! I bought it 4 months ago, and I finally broke it out for this perfect occasion!

Style Images by @everydaylavan

I also loved seeing some of my girls at the event! 

All in all, I am such a fan of Claire, and I am putting it out in the universe that one day I will work with her in some way! I am claiming it. I can't wait to link back to this post when it happens!

With Love, Passion and STYLE,