I am back!! With so much content to share it is ridiculous-RIDICULOUS!  I haven't posted in about 3 weeks, and literally it is because I have been NON-STOP for the past three weeks, but if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that! I went from Jamaica, to New Orleans, Houston to Buffalo! I wanted to share my most exciting part of the last three weeks first, and of course it is ESSENCE

Essence Fest weekend was filled with so much joy I can barely explain. I had the pleasure of working with Creme Of Nature at the Essence Beauty and Style Expo and it was amazing. The Beauty and Style Expo brought in thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS of Essence Fest attendees looking to sample and purchase the latest products in all things beauty and fashion! I remember attending the expo briefly last year, and to be a part of it this year is simply a blessing!

Not only did I work with Creme of Nature but I also had the opportunity to be featured on the Essence Beauty & Style main stage alongside The Glam Twinz and celebrity hair stylist, Pekela Riley. During this segment we played a cute Battle Of The Beauties, Family Fued style game show where we had to answer hair & beauty questions in front of the audience! It was a great time.


The fact that I was on that stage was just another huge blessing. I literally remember telling myself last year that I would be a part of Essence in 2017 and that I would be on the main stage. I TOLD myself this and I actually saw it to fruition this weeknd. You have to be able to speak your goals into existence. 


The icing on top of the cake was the Creme Of Nature billboards. As you all know, I was a part of Creme Of Nature's "I Am Supernatural" campaign and they definitely came hard at Essence. They snagged, what felt like every billboard in New Orleans! I literally had so many people tell me that they saw me on billboards everywhere, but when I saw it for myself in person it was the best feeling in the world. I was so glad that I had my husband, Ernest, at Essence with me. He got to experience all of my joy and actually get a first hand glimpse of what I do at events. It was awesome.  

I am seriously so grateful for the opportunity to participate at Essence Fest! I am just knocking goals off the list and really making things happen and I am so very blessed for it all! I am so glad I got to meet so many supporters at Essence! It was literally insane the amount of people that knew me. I am still adjusting to it all, but literally everywhere I went I met a supporter. From grabbing dinner, to walking down the street or catching my flight; it was someone that recognized me and complimented me on the things I am doing. For that, I am forever grateful and very thankful for. I am so excited to see what is next! This summer is starting off just right and I can't wait to continue to share it all! 

With Love, Passion & STYLE,