I am SUPER excited to attend CURLFEST this year! I attended last year and it was by far the best natural hair event I have attended! If you do not know what CURLFEST is, then WHERE have you been?? CURLFEST is a festival that celebrates the beauty of natural hair. I like to explain it as the Coachella of natural hair! It is literally a huge festival aimed to celebrate all things hair, fashion and beauty! It is held in Brooklyn's own Prospect Park and it is hosted and created by the dynamic group of women known as Curly Girl Collective. I feel like this event is one of the most anticipated events of the year. There will be THOUSANDS of people traveling near and far to attend this event, so I thought it would be great to share the 5 ways to prepare for CURLFEST 2017!

Bring a Portable Charger
Let me repeat that again for the people in the back: BRING A PORTABLE CHARGER. I literally go nowhere without my morphie charger, but it is especially important for CURLFEST because every second and minute of this evening will be social media worthy! You will want to snap a million pics, and take a million Instagram/snapchat stories so your battery will die fast! Trust me, you do not want to be stuck at this event with your phone battery on red!

Seriously I am running to my local AT&T to get one! Especially as a blogger, I was SO frustrated that I couldn't post not one snap or IG pic on my feed because there was literally NO SERVICE the entire time!! The park is so packed with thousands of people on their phones and social media that the data gods just said screw y'all! I hope this isn't the case this year, but I am coming prepared with my mobile hotspot so that I can use all the wifi and post all of the pics and snaps I want!!! 

Bring a Blanket and make a picnic with your friends
After walking around the park, you will be tired and want to rest. Bring a blanket so that you can camp out with your girls on the grass! If you are really fancy, bring a picnic basket and pack sandwiches and cold drinks! The food truck lines will be SUPER LONG so it will be nice if you have your own food and drinks! 

Go Festive or Go Home!

CURLFEST is definitely about the fashion! This is your time to step outside of your comfort zone, wear bright, bold colors and prints and literally just SLAY! The best part for me is the fashion. I love being inspired by all of the beautiful women and their festive clothes! I am still deciding what I will wear, but wait on it....

Last year I was featured on Essence for my CURLFEST hair and style!!

Braids for the win!

The next best thing for me at CURLFEST is the hair! Be prepared to be inspired! The best hair option for this event is definitely a protective style of any type. Braids are SO IN right now so if you come with some creative braids you are sure to be noticed. Also, having your hair in a protective style will alleviate you having to deal with it! I am seriously considering getting my braids back in for this event, but I just don't know if I will have the time, but none the less; I can help a sista out and advise you to wear a protective style. 

My bestie @heycurlie slayed her braids last year!! Image via bloglovin.com

My bestie @heycurlie slayed her braids last year!! Image via bloglovin.com

Do not forget your sunscreen!
Sunscreen is key for us melaninated women, especially being out in the heat for an extended time, you do not want to forget to protect your skin first! 

I cannot wait for this event, I am so glad that I am going and I hope to see you there. If you are going, comment on this post and let me know!!

With Love, Passion & STYLE,