6 MONTHS POST COLOR: 3 Tips I have learned


Today marks six months since I colored my natural hair for the first time. I remember it like it was yesterday. I did not know what to expect, if I would like it, or how I would feel about rocking blonde hair. But, I ultimately trusted the process and I ended up LOVING my hair!!

In the last six months, I have had my hair color touched up for a second time (2 months ago) and cut to keep the shape! 

With having color, I have learned a lot; some do's and some don'ts. I want to share the top three things I have learned from having colored natural hair.  As well as share some of my favorite styles to show you the growth and the color changes! 


So let's get to it: 

1. Stop being Lazy! 
Seriously, this is a tip everyone can use (colored hair or not); just don't be lazy with your hair.  I embraced this particularly with my colored hair because honestly, pre-color; I was a very lazy natural. I use to deep condition my hair once every blue moon or detangle my hair in 5 minutes with a comb and keep it moving. Now, I focus on deep conditioning weekly. Also, with detangling, I like to try to use my fingers more and the comb less. This helps avoid breakage, which the hair is more susceptible to with color.


2. Moisturizing is KEY.
When I had dark hair, I would add a leave in conditioner maybe once every other day or so. But now with my color, I am moisturizing at least two times a day. Keeping the hair moisturized stops breakage. I like to apply a leave in conditioner in the morning, and at night! 

3. Low Manipulation styles are a MUST
I do my hair once a week, PERIOD. After my hair is styled on a Sunday, I am not touching it again for another week. So that means, no retwisting, no rodding. I don't care how frizzy my curls are by Wednesday, I won't be styling again for another week. Not touching my hair every day allows for my hair to have a break. If you are constantly pulling and combing and twisting your hair, this will cause breakage, and I am not about that life! So, I keep it low key and style my hair once a week at most. 

So those are the top tips I have learned over the past six months that has helped me retain healthy colored hair. The first six months has been good for me! I am still loving my color and how my hair feels. I am excited to see my hair continue to thrive for the next six months! 

Hair Color by: Pekela Riley using Creme Of Nature Honey Blonde and Lightest Blonde.

With Love, Passion & STYLE,