Why cleansing your skin post workout is a MUST with Olay Daily Facials

I have been going strong with my fitness journey, and keeping up my workouts at least four  times a week, with my goal being five times a week. I am loving this journey. I am so focused on having a healthy mind, body and skin!! As you all know, skincare is so important to me. With increasing my workouts, there was one thing I had to increase, and that was my focus on my skin. With me working out frequently, this prompted me to add a new step to my skincare regimen and that is cleaning my face immediately after my workout with the Olay Daily Facials.

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Palmers Facebook Live and Q&A

On Wednesday I had the complete pleasure of taking over Palmer's Facebook to stream LIVE and share my success using their coconut oil formula skin care range! Going live was new to me, but I absolutely LOVED it, and I can tell my audience did too! Check out this comment review from a live attendee! 

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