Farewell Baltimore

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I remember in 2010 when I moved to Baltimore. I had just graduated from the University at Buffalo, and I was eager and ready to start my career with the degree I worked so hard for. I landed an internship in Baltimore at Under Armour, and for someone with a business marketing degree, this was a dream opportunity! I packed up and moved to Baltimore in the summer of 2010 to start my internship and hopefully land a full-time job because we all know that finding a position within months of graduation is no easy task. But I did it! A week before my internship was over; I was offered a full-time job.


 I was so happy, but I knew I would have to move to Baltimore permanently. I remember when I told all of my family and friends I was moving, and all I heard was, "have you heard about the show The Wire?” I never saw the show a day in my life, so the stereotypical fear didn’t shake me. I found my one-bedroom apartment in a suburb and started my life.


 Little did I know I would eventually fall in love with Baltimore! A year later, I convinced my college boyfriend at the time (now husband) to move to Baltimore with me, and we started our family foundation. We got married two years later (2012), and had our first child a year after that (2013), Baltimore became our home.

 Within five years of building my corporate career, getting married, and starting my family, I eventually discovered that I wanted more. I wanted to fuel my passion and do something that I loved, so I started blogging as a hobby. With hard work and focus, my little hobby turned into my full-time career within two years.


 While building my brand, Baltimore played such a tremendous role in it all. From slaying the Baltimore streets, to attending and hosting numerous events in the city, I became one of the top bloggers of Baltimore (voted best Baltimore blogger in 2018). Although I’m not from Baltimore, the city became home. The people, the culture, I loved it.


As much as I have grown and built here, I always knew I would not stay forever. Ultimately because I originally moved to Baltimore because of my then full-time job. So there was nothing that was tying me to the city. As my brand started to expand, exploring other cities became a focus for my family, and Atlanta was our top choice to start our new chapter.


So I got this question often, so I wanted to break down exactly why we decided to make this move:

1: Family/Friend Village.
In Baltimore, I didn’t have any family at all and only a few close friends. With me now having two children, I needed to have more of a village. I am big on family, and although I will be moving a little further from my mom and dad in Philly, I have a TON of family in Atlanta that I can lean on for support. Baltimore was very lonely for our family. So I am so glad to be closer to more of my family and a few of my best friends in Atlanta. It was important for me to raise Aria around family, have cousins, and for my kids to understand how important family is. Atlanta will offer us that and so much more.



2: Cost Of Living
The life I wanted to live in Baltimore would take SOOOO much more money. As an Entrepreneur, I ultimately determine how much money I make and I know I can live on a lot more in Atlanta, bringing in the same amount that I made in Baltimore. I can have the exact beautiful home and fantastic school for way cheaper. The house I can have in Atlanta would cost me 3x the amount in Baltimore. So this played a huge factor in why we wanted to move.


3: Business
I traveled to Atlanta about 8-10 times last year. I was always there for work, so I just knew being there more would be an excellent opportunity for my business. I’m also starting my skincare line so I ultimately feel the area would be good for me.


4. Travel
I travel a ton in general, and I like that Atlanta is a pretty central travel hub with the airport. So this was also a plus. I can have easy and close access to major cities.

 5. My Husband
My husband has wanted to move to Atlanta for years now, and it has been on our plans since 2016, it just took us some time to make it happen. My husband is from the south and with us living up North for the last 15 years, he wanted to return home to the south. 


Although the family and I are now in Atlanta, Baltimore will always be like a second home to me. I love Baltimore, I love the people, and I love the tribe that I have built there. This new chapter is so bittersweet for me, but Baltimore will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you to the beautiful city of Baltimore for everything you have done for my family and me. Thank you to all of the fantastic people I met either randomly on the street, at the store or events, your genuine love will always remain a source of inspiration and motivation for me to keep climbing.  I won't say this is a goodbye to Baltimore; just a see you later because I will be back!

With Love, Passion, And STYLE,