Professional Workouts wherever I go with ClassPass Live


I honestly can’t believe it is almost October. This year has gone by so fast! I have been traveling like crazy, literally every week and to the point where I forget what city I am in!! I am currently heading off to Vegas as I type this. One of my biggest goals for 2018 was my health and fitness. When I started this year, I was 178 pounds- my heaviest weight sine being pregnant! I was completely not happy with my weight, and ready to make some real changes in my lifestyle.

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 One of those changes was actively working out. So I hired a trainer and signed up for my local gym. Which definitely helped, but honestly with my weekly travels, it has become harder to keep up with going to the gym or visiting my trainer. So when I found out about ClassPass Live, I was instantly excited and hooked!!


 If you don’t know, ClassPass Live is a new live-streaming, at-home workout experience where they bring real, trained instructors to you- wherever you are!! Whether you are at home in your living room, or a hotel room, you can always get in a professional work out with a trainer- LIVE! It is also interactive, with a heart monitor so that your performance is monitored during the entire workout! The live leader board shows your heart rate, and calorie burn all during the workout.


ClassPass Live has been awesome for me because I can literally work out using my laptop by catching the live sessions or by watching a replay. It is super easy and simple.


 My favorite classes are the Dance class and kick boxing! The classes range on average 30-35 minutes, which is perfect for me!

 I would definitely recommend ClassPass Live for those who are looking to have more flexibility with their workout options, whether being able to workout at home or when you travel.

Check it out- your first month is free!!


This blog post is sponsored by ClassPass by thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Photography by: @Vsdavisphotography