Happy New Year!! I know it has been a minute since I have posted and honestly, I just needed a break. A break to figure out how I wanted to move this year, but also a break to take some time for myself and family over the holiday time. Now I am back, and ready to deliver! There are so many goals I have set for myself this year that I will soon share, but right now, one of my main goals is GETTING BACK IN SHAPE!! 

Last week I, I stepped on the scale and I literally almost cried when my trainer said that I weighed 160 pounds!!! I looked at her like: "this has to be a mistake!" Like, I know I gained weight, but not THAT MUCH WEIGHT! I Gained 20 pounds in the last 6 months. And it is no coincidence that I gained the weight shortly after I became an entrepreneur. 

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As you all know, I have been traveling like crazy. Literally every week to every two weeks, I would be in a different state. So I know this has a TON to do with my weight gain. I was also eating whatever I wanted because to be honest- I could afford to. When I worked a 9-5 I was on a STRICT budget. Sometimes I would skip meals because I just didn't have it. Now, in the last 6 months, I have made good money in my business, so I got careless- eating out every night just because I could. This is definitely not healthy nor smart, and I want to do and be better!

So, I am back on a mission. A mission to a better, healthier me!! I hired a personal trainer and nutritionist and she is going to help me get my life ALL THE WAY back together!! My goal is to lose the twenty pounds I gained and tone up significantly. I want my abs back, toned back and butt!! I am currently a size 12, and I can't fit any of my clothes. I need to get back to a size 8!! That is my goal. 


I want to use my blog and platform to document my fitness journey to encourage and inspire my tribe to live a healthier lifestyle. I, by no means am a health nut- I am working on it. But I definitely want to get better and make healthy and smarter choices for myself and my family. 


So here is what I am committing to right now to get back in shape.
- WORKING OUT: I will be working out a minimum of 6 days a week (goal is every day). I found that I can't work out on my own- it just won't happen. So I hired a personal trainer that I visit at least 2-3 times a week and I also am going to participate in group fitness classes at my local gym (LA Fitness). 

- EATING HEALTHY: Which means absolutely no fast food, or junk. I am sticking to only baked chicken. tilapia, salmon, lean ground turkey, brown rice, kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, celery, egg whites, sweet potatoes. and protein shakes to name a few- but honestly, that's the majority of what I will be eating!

-TAKING MY VITAMINS: Today I purchase a muli-vitamin that I will be taking daily. I am hoping this helps me with my energy.  


Of course, to go along with my fitness journey, I had to stock up on cute and comfortable work out gear! I partnered with Old Navy to share the awesome work out gear that they offer!  I got this cute outfit, featured in this post from Old Navy! I am so excited to find gear that is comfortable, cute and affordable! I will definitely be picking up more pieces from them. When you have cute work out clothes, it motivates you more- that is my theory!! haha.

I am so excited for my new fitness journey towards a healthy, and better me! I can't wait to share my results! I will be back in one month to update you on how I am doing!!

With Love, Passion & STYLE,