Last week I took my daughter to her first WNBA game! What made it even sweeter is that we sat COURTSIDE and we were personally invited by the WNBA on a sponsored campaign- how freaking amazing is that?! First of all, the fact that the WNBA saw something in me and my brand, is simply amazing to me. I have been inspired by the WNBA for literally my whole life. I remember my parents use to take me to the Cleveland Rockers games when I was a little girl and my dream was to play in the WNBA. Although as I grew older, played Division One college basketball, my overall career goals changed as far as the WNBA. I still to this day love the WNBA and respect highly all of the women who play! 

Aria and I had the pleasure of watching the Washington Mystics take on the Dallas Wings. I must say, Aria enjoyed her first game, and I had an amazing time too! I cannot wait to purchase season tickets for next year. I am so blessed and so happy that I can share these moments with her!

Special Thank you to the WNBA for having us! 

With Love, Passion & STYLE,

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