Yesterday, I finally crossed some goals off of my Business Goals List and I finally feel like I have a legit business! About five months, ago I got my LLC for my business Bolden Creative Media. This brand encompasses all that I do from blogging, creative directing work, social media strategy- pretty much everything I do, rolls up under my business LLC. Getting my LLC was my first major milestone with my business and for the longest time, I have been wanting to take the next step and open up a business checking, savings and credit card account. This is a really simple process that I was putting off simply because of time. But now,  it is done and I am so excited.

Because I'm so excited about this next step, I want to share why it's important for us business owners, bloggers, creatives, entrepreneurs to separate business from personal and the steps to do so! 


This is huge. I seriously do not understand what took me so long to do this (rolls eyes). But it is so important. You should be depositing money regularly into this account. So for me, as I get paid from my jobs, the money will go straight there, instead of going into my personal bank. I am also going to pay all of my business bills from this account. So my cell phone bill, Freshbooks accounting software bills, pretty much everything that I pay on a monthly basis for my business will come out of this account. No longer will I have to use my "personal money" to pay business bills!


I am also excited to get a credit card for my business (yasss I was approved!! lol). This is a great way to start establishing good credit for your business, also it is an excellent way to track all business expenses so when tax time comes, you can easily write it off. For me, I travel a ton for my business, whether it's going to events or shoots. This way, instead of using my personal debit card, I will now use my business credit card for EVERYTHING and I will be able to track my spending each month and have a record of expenses for tax time-winning! 

This is the next step I am excited to get to and I learned this from my tax accountant. Now that I have my business checking account, and all of my income will go there. I will set up a budget for myself on how much I should get paid every 2-4 weeks. I think this is the best and smartest way to keep your funds separate and it will allow you to save for your business. 

I am so excited that I am on track with my business goals and I hope this post has inspired you to take your business finances to the next level. Also remember, no matter how much income you are bringing in, this practice is still very important and can help you grow as a business owner. So do not think you are "too small" to start running your business like a legit BIZZ-NESS!! 

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