I literally have been non-stop, traveling to four different cities in less than a week and a half for work! And when I say "work", I mean doing my own thing, my business! I have to pinch myself sometimes to realize I am really living within my passion! When I decided to go full-time on my business things changed for me. 

My grind increased and I started to notice things happen for me, but most importantly I started bringing in a income that can sustain my family and build a savings! Six months ago, I honestly did not know this was possible. I thought it was a fairytale, and that it was unattainable for me. I looked at other bloggers or other entrepreneurs like "this can't be real". But I am here to say, it very well is! 

I'm so incredibly blessed to be doing the things that I am doing. I literally just got back from Atlanta last night; working with a brand I admire so so much ( I can't wait to share). But things are happening and I am living my best life right now and I can't be happier with the way God is leading me. So if you are anything like me, and have/had doubt in your dreams,  just know that I understand, but have faith and keep striving because your goals ARE within reach!

So, with all of this on the go travel, I had to get savvy with my dress. I have to admit, my airport outfits are not always the cutest, BUT occasionally, I can get picture ready for some hashtag Airport Style!! For the past month, my satin lined cap has been my travel buddy. It is seriously a life saver, or maybe a better word is embarrassment saver lol. I can easily throw this cap on and cover my twists that are still marinating, or save a bad hair day. I love it! It's like a chic bonnet! I have been throwing it on for all of my travel days and it has kept my hair protected! So if you don't have one, gone head and grab you one; it is definitely a must have!

I am back from Atlanta, I had a super late flight that got delayed (annoying) and I am about to rest up for a few hours, then get back to work! I have so much in store for the next few weeks, I am just trying to get it all together!! I hope you all have a great and productive day. I encourage you to keep pushing, keep hustling and working hard towards those goals!!

With Love, Passion & STYLE,

HAT: Satin Lined Caps| COAT: Target | BLOUSE: Forever 21| JEANS: Zara| SHOES: Call It Spring