When your side hustle becomes your main hustle it is a beautiful thing! I remember sitting at my desk at my full-time job and I would listen to the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. I would be so inspired by the women who told their stories on this podcast. Now, one year later, I am one of the women being featured and sharing my story to help inspire others! I am so honored to be apart of this podcast. It is my new favorite since my podcast interview last year on Switch Pivot or Quit! This podcast is a must listen! Check it out now

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Today in the guest chair we have the dynamic Dayna Bolden. Dayna is a Lifestyle blogger and CEO of Bolden Creative Media. You may recognize Dayna’s face from her campaigns with some of our favorite beauty brands. On today’s show, Dayna will share how, by combining her passion for both beauty and fashion, she has built a strong following of engaged millennial women and an amazing social media presence, which led to major brand partnerships. As a seasoned creative director and content creator, Dayna has also captured the attention of major online and print publications, including ESSENCE and FORBES.

One thing to note about
Dayna, is she has taken the blogging world by storm in a relatively short period of time. You’ll learn on the show that although she had started growing her presence before stepping out on her own, it’s when she truly invested in her personal brand that brands started calling her to partner.

She juggled a coveted career at Under Armour for as long as she could while side hustling as a lifestyle influencer, but finally stepped out on her own in 2017.

I can totally relate to Dayna’s journey of going all in on her creative passions and launching a business around her personal brand. Today, we’ll unpack the life and business journey of a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur.




Becoming my own boss was the scariest but most rewarding thing that I have done so far in my life. I have been my own boss for about 2 months now and it has been CRAZY AWESOME. It hasn't been all roses though. I have been the busiest ever. Literally traveling non-stop and trying to keep up with my blog has been challenging. But I am definitely working on getting my schedule together because this is what I wanted. This is what I dreamed of for so long. I remember when I worked full time and longing for the days I could work for myself. I remember the days when I didn't even know it was possible to be an entrepreneur, but it happened for me and I am so so happy!!

Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ahyiana Angel of Switch Pivot or Quit podcast. I am a huge fan of this podcast so I was super excited to be interviewed. I was able to share my story of becoming my own boss, the ups, the downs but most of all the inspiration for others that they too can achieve their goals and dreams. This podcast is a MUST LISTEN! You are gauranteed to take something from it, no matter what your goals or dreams are. 

What we're talking about on the podcast (via :

  • Transitioning from Corporate America to an in-demand influencer
  • What goes into selecting the best Instagram photos to post
  • How she followed her gut when presented with an opportunity she had been dreaming of
  • Her experience at Beautycon in Los Angeles
  • What she thinks it takes to be in-demand as an influencer
  • Her tips for achieving your goals

“If you’re gonna be there 9-5, try to take something from that job. You’re putting so much into it to make that brand successful, what are you taking away and learning from that business to help you for yours.” - @daynabolden

“You have to be willing to invest in yourself to develop and to grow.” @daynabolden

“Once you put in the hard work, and you’re creating amazing content, and you’re doing things that you love the money will find you.” @daynabolden

Check out the interview below available on iTunes and Soundcloud

BAUCE MAG: Digital Influencer Dayna Bolden Unveils The Truth Behind Her Blogging Success


The digital influencer, beauty and lifestyle blogger and social media aficionado, Dayna Bolden wants people to know her secret to success is sacrifice.

Bolden is a social media entrepreneur. Her online influence began in 2013 on Instagram highlighting African-American women’s natural hair and style. When her audience began to rapidly grow, she knew she was onto something special.


FORBES: Millennial Moms: The $2.4 Trillion Social Media Influencer

Dayna-Bolden-Forbesp-Article-Millennial-Moms-The-2.4 Trillion-Social-Media-Influencer-1.JPG

It is a beautiful thing when unexpected and amazing things happen. I was recently featured in a FORBES article about Millennial Moms: The $2.4 Trillion Social Media Influencer. The article is written by Christine Michel Carter and she did a fabulous job highlighting why millennial moms has power in the influencer/ social media space. 

I am beyond honored that Christine chose to feature me in the article. 

"One young mother leveraging her influential power is Dayna Bolden, a millennial mom and wife who in 2014, became a social media influencer. Her social media following grew organically; Bolden initially wanted to encourage Black women to embrace their natural hair in style. She started sharing a few hair and beauty products and fashions she personally loved. As her audience grew, she did so more consistently, sharing professional videos and high-quality image tutorials with her followers."

Check out the full article HERE