#TeamTapered: Kendra Barnes

As you know, I love a good tapered cut! It has become my signature style and I honestly can't even imagine at this point having long hair. But, to be all the way honest; long hair was my initial goal when I first went natural. I thought I would have hair down my back, or a big big afro. That clearly isn't the case and I am so fine with that. I get messages literally everyday from women saying that they have been inspired by my hair cut, or they decided to embrace their short hair. It is such a HUGE honor and I am so glad that I am able to inspire so many women with my tapered cut!!

I decided to create a feature section on my blog called #TeamTapered to highlight short hair women and especially the women that I have inspired. I want to share their journey in hopes that they too can inspire other Naturalistas with their hair journey! 

My first #TeamTapered feature goes to Kendra Barnes from Washington DC! Check out my interview with Kendra as she shares why she joined #TeamTapered!

1. Briefly Tell us about yourself.
I'm an Economist by day and Real Estate Investor by night. When I'm not working, or looking for my next investment, you can find me thrift shopping, baking some gluten-free goodies or binge watching Netflix with my hubs!


2: How long have you been natural and what inspired you to go natural? 
I've been natural for almost 3 years and believe it or not, I said I would NEVER go natural. I really didn't think I would enjoy wearing my natural texture. I was kind of forced into doing the big chop because of really bad color damage and poor hair care. I am so happy I did though! #teamnaturalforlife


3: If I inspired you to cut your hair please share:
When it comes to tapered cuts, your hair is #goals. When I first decided to go natural, I thought I wanted to grow my hair out super long and wear it straight all of the time, but then I came across your IG page and saw you rocking this fierce tapered cut! You also inspired me to try the Curlkalon tapered cut style. @crownedbyamber made me a custom Curlkalon tapered cut wig and I love it so much! Right now switching it up and rocking the Latched and Hooked Twist out Curl in a tapered crotched style. Thanks for inspiring me to join #TeamTapered!

4: What do you love most about your short natural hair?
 I love being natural because I get to flaunt the hair that God gave me and really be myself. There's something so powerful about embracing every inch of your authentic self! I can't believe I was against going natural years ago! I love having short hair because it's so FIERCE and it's easy to manage.

5: What advice would you give someone thinking of cutting their hair? 
1) Don't be afraid to take the leap and get the cut! It will grow back! If you don't like it, try a wig or other protective styles! 2) Start an inspiration board with your favorite short styles and make sure you have it with you when you get your hair cut so your stylist as a good idea of what you are looking for.

6: What is your go-to style for your hair? 
Right now, I'm loving protective styles so I've been rocking my custom wig as well as crotchet styles. When I style my own hair, I do perm rods up top and finger coils in the back!

7: What are your Top 2 favorite/ go-to products that you are loving: Avaluxe Naturals Leave in Moisture Mist and Moisture Rich Butter Dream.

Thanks Kendra for sharing! You can keep up with Kendra by following her on Instagram:  @thekeyresource and her blog: www.thekeyresource.info

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